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  • Unify Your Home With Aluminium Bifold Doors An Aesthetic Indoor-Outdoor Blend

    Aluminium Bifold Doors Create A Seamless Connection Between Your Home's Interior & Exterior

    Our aluminium bifold doors boast outstanding weather and thermal performance and will keep you warm and secure, no matter the weather. All of our aluminium doors are designed with slim frames and a large glass surface. This allows more natural light into your home and will brighten and make it seem more spacious. Aluminium is a practical material that needs very little maintenance, it is easy to clean and won’t rust, peel or flake. The fantastic properties of aluminium, mean that your aluminium door will perform exceptionally and won’t need replacing for many years. It is durable and exceptionally long-lasting.

    Aluminium doors are available in various contemporary colours to make your home stand out from the rest. They are fully customisable and you can change the style, colour, glazing and locking mechanisms. We have an experienced design team that can advise you and help you create the perfect door.

    Why Should You Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

    multiple aluminium doors London in a brick facade overlooking a large garden

    Energy Efficient

    The triple glazing in our doors will guarantee outstanding energy efficiency and lower heating bills. Our doors will keep your home comfortable, warm and secure.

    Natural Light

    Add aluminium bifold doors in place of solid brick. They will fill your interior with natural light and totally transform your home, making it bright.

    No Boundaries

    With our new systems, you can create seem-less areas between inside and outside when the doors are open increasing the feeling of space.


    Hardware with a track system combined with a modern multi-point lock on the main door along with shoot bolts on other doors, make them very secure.

    Aluminium Sliding Doors London
    Several Advantages

    Our aluminium sliding doors can be designed to fit any space. They are super-secure with high-security triple-glazing and locking mechanisms. Aluminium is very durable and needs minimal maintenance, it won’t discolour and is resistant to corrosion. We guarantee our doors will look great for a very long time.

    Our sliding doors consist of very slim frames, bringing a more contemporary look and allowing more natural light into your home. Our doors are available in a range of colours, giving you the freedom to choose whatever colour you prefer.

    We have many different types of sliding doors:

    installation of large aluminium sliding doors London in the corner of the modern house

    What Aluminium Sliding Doors Bring
    To Your Home?

    Aluminium sliding doors are fitted to runners and slide back and forth across the opening on a fixed track for smooth operation. Sliding doors have a streamlined design, allowing maximum light in and are the preferred choice when saving on space; as the doors slide across each other when opened.

    Maximized Space

    It’s important to consider the space that’s available on either side of your doorway. Our sliding doors London, are a stylish, space-saving solution for any home.

    The Sunshine’s Access

    For your patio or balcony, sliding patio doors are the perfect slimline solution, maximizing the entrance of sunlight from your outdoor areas whilst saving on space.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Our aluminium sliding doors have a fashionable and contemporary look. Our range of high-end finishes will give your home or business premises a definite upgrade.

    High Security

    Our aluminium sliding doors London produced are among the most secure and safe doors on today’s market, incorporating the latest multi-point locking systems.

    French doors offer an elegant way
    to bring the outside in

    newly installed aluminium french doors overlooking the garden

    French doors are extremely popular and have been since they were first introduced. They have the trademark of large glass panels and doors that open outwards, giving an open feeling and the illusion of more space. French doors are great for allowing more natural light to flow into your home. They transform dark areas into spacious airy spaces. Our Aluminium french doors are available in many styles and designs and can be fully customised to fit your exact requirements. French doors can also be a more economic option than bifold doors, as the 2 styles share many beneficial features. 
    If you need assistance or impartial advice our team will be happy to assist you.

    Make a strong impression
    on guests with aluminium front doors

    The front door protects your home from the weather, the temperature and intruders. It also insulates the noise from outside. It is important to make the right choices when buying such an important part of your home. One feature to check for is the water resistance of your new front door. Our Aluminium front doors are water resistant and are available in many colours. You can use infill panels in a variety of colours, structures and designs, to design and add your own unique style to the door. Not only will your door be the perfect defence against the weather and give your exterior a stylish, stunning aesthetic, but it will also be exceptionally secure. All of our aluminium doors come with high-security 10-point locking systems and hardened stainless steel.

    aluminium front doors London with side windows and small glass roof

    Discover the Beauty of Aluminum Patio Doors - Enjoy an Impressive Entrance View

    Enhance your home’s entrance with the beauty of aluminum patio doors. Our selection of doors provides an impressive view from the inside and out, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Constructed from durable aluminum, our patio doors are designed to withstand the elements, providing long-lasting security and low maintenance. Choose from a large variety of designs to accommodate both modern and traditional settings, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home. Enjoy the beauty of your aluminum patio doors and experience the difference they make in your home.