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    Why Should You Have Garden Aluminium Pergola?

    On a sunny day, there’s very little more enjoyable than sitting outside and enjoying the pleasant weather. If you have a patio, terrace, or deck, you’re already halfway to the perfect place to relax. Mild sunny days are few in London, however. It’s either raining and grey, or sweltering hot. That’s why a garden pergola with roof coverings is the perfect solution. On rainy days, if it’s not too cold, you can still relax outside and get some fresh air, while being shielded from the rain. On hot days, you’ll be cool in the shade, while enjoying a moment’s solitude and peace in your garden. An aluminium pergola is the ideal lightweight structure to augment your garden’s natural beauty, giving your climbing plants a frame that is sturdy, weatherproof, and fully customisable. Enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round with a pergola designed especially for you and your space.

    What Makes Our Aluminium Pergolas So Special?

    Our aluminium pergola is among the strongest on the market. Able to withstand high winds due to its lightweight but robust frame, with the optional addition of a roof to shield you from the rain and sun, our garden pergola options suit a variety of needs. We can customise your aluminium pergola with a glass roof, roll-down blinds, shutters, or any other time of protection from the elements you might want. We can even provide features such as radiators. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your patio or terrace year-round, and with our pergolas, we make sure you can. We’ll even take care of the electrics, install lights, and automate them for you. Our pergolas are weatherproof, rust-resistant, and stand the test of time. They’re the perfect classy choice for maximising the enjoyments of your outdoor spaces.

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    Whatever you’re after, whether it’s shade from the sun, shielding from the wind, or a covering that won’t block out the natural light, we have pergolas to match. Our pergola with roof options extends from aluminium frames with glass panels, to wooden frames with canvas sails, and everything in between. Our pergolas ensure that you will get maximum use out of your outdoor space, by making it suitable for all weather. Our structures are lightweight and unobtrusive, leaving you the most possible available space. We can provide full functionality, while protecting your view and the comfort of your outdoor space.