Triple-glazed Aluminium Windows London
Lifespan Of Up To 45 Years

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  • Aluminium is a very versatile material with many properties that make it a great material for doors and windows. Aluminium is extremely lightweight, whilst being incredibly strong at the same time. It is highly durable, needs minimal maintenance and retains its appearance for decades. If that wasn’t enough, it is anti-stain, resistant to corrosion and malleable so it can be shaped into different designs easily. Our aluminium windows London have excellent energy efficiency, this has made it an exceedingly popular choice for windows for many years. Aluminium windows last a lot longer in comparison to other materials, up to 45 years in fact! So, in the long run, they are very cost-effective, as you won’t need to replace them.
    Our aluminium windows come with triple-glazing as standard. The triple-glazing increases their energy efficiency even more and also makes your home secure. If you want to keep your home supper efficient, it’s the best to install both aluminium windows and doors

    Why Should You Choose Aluminium Windows?

    Security with Aluminium windows London

    Security is a priority of every home. All of our aluminium windows possess a secure multi-locking system including steel hooks, super-strong hinges, welded joints, a deadbolt and key locking handles. With our aluminium windows you know you are safe and secure.

    Your New Aluminium Windows London

    Our aluminium windows are tailor-made to meet all your requirements and needs, they are custom-made so that they are the perfect fit. They are designed with strength, longevity and style as standard. All of our products are made in Britain.

    Customise Your Aluminium Windows and Doors London

    All our aluminium windows are fully customisable, giving you the freedom and choice to add your own unique style to your windows and doors. You can customise handles, knockers, letter plates, the colour and finish and the glazing, amongst other things.

    In Our Offer You Can Find
    Wide Range Of Aluminium Windows

    Aluminium Casement Windows

    Casement windows have been a popular style of window for almost 100 years. Casement window design Is extremely versatile, the windows are installed with hinges attached to the side of the window. There are many configurations available and windows can be made from single, double or even more panels. Our aluminium casement windows are designed with super-slim frames, this allows maximum light to enter your home.

    Aluminium Sash Windows

    Aluminium sash windows require minimal maintenance and are very thermally efficient. Each window is completely bespoke to your requirements and exact specifications. There are many options, including a range of colours for you to choose from. Window options include one or two sashes, which slide vertically to open the window.

    Aluminium Sliding Windows

    In aluminium sliding windows the sashes move either to the left or the right in the window frame. They are extremely easy to use and usually found where the window opening is wider than it is tall. Aluminium sliding windows are great for allowing maximum natural light into the room.

    Aluminium Bay Windows

    Aluminium bay windows are composed of three or more window panes arranged alongside each other. The windows give a wonderful panoramic view of the outside. They add charm, elegance and style to any property and are also highly energy efficient. Adding aluminium bay windows to your home will add character and a contemporary aesthetic.

    Aluminium Fa├žade System Windows

    Facade system windows are a modern solution that have become exceedingly popular in recent years. These windows can be installed over large holes, entire facades and even over entire rooftops. Glass, wood and aluminium are used in combination to produce these facades.

    Why Should You Consider
    Aluminium Casement Windows?

    When it comes to quality, the style of aluminium sash windows London cannot be beaten.┬á Everyone knows the classic sash window found in homes across London: two frames that move vertically, letting you maximise airflow. If youÔÇÖre less of the traditional type, you could even get side-hung windows, so the frames move horizontally instead. When you opt for an aluminium sliding window London, you join the many homeowners who already appreciate the utility of a window type that has endured for centuries. We know the weather in London can be questionable. ThatÔÇÖs why aluminium casement windows London are the perfect choice for keeping out the rain, or the wind while letting in some fresh air, and the occasional bit of sunshine. Hence, a sash window is a perfect choice for your London home, giving you the ultimate security, climate control, and ease.

    black and modern casement aluminium windows wide open from the outside

    Why Should You Choose Triple-Glazing Aluminium Windows Over Double-Glazing?

    What is the difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed aluminium windows?

    On average homeowners replace or install new windows around every 20-30 years.
    So, it is important if you are planning on replacing your windows that you make the right decisions on windows that will suit all of your requirements.
    Aluminium double-glazed windows consist of a sealed, air-tight unit
     of 2 panes of glass with inert gas in between the 2 panes.
    Triple-glazed aluminium windows have 3 panes of glass, instead of 2. Double or triple glazing is available in several window styles including:
     aluminium casement windows, aluminium sash windows and aluminium sliding windows London produced.

    Benefits of triple-glazed aluminium windows

    Heat retention is a quality that can make a mattress more comfortable

    The gap between the panes of glass in double and triple-glazing aluminium windows London produced, stops the movement of hot or cold air, thereby preventing heat from escaping your home.

    Noise reduction technology

    Double glazing and triple glazing can effectively reduce the transmission of sound from outside into your home. This is possible due to the vacuum that is present between the panes of glass and which sound cannot pass across.


    Double and triple-glazed aluminium windows London produced have a layer of thin, plastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between the glass panes. In the event that the glass is broken, it fuses to the PVB layer and remains in place. So it is harder to break the windows, and the PVB is also a safety feature that prevents the glass from shattering.